The Apsley House Mystery

Date: Friday 13th September 2019
Time: 8.30pm
Suitable for: Ages 15+
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The Apsley House Mystery returns, in collaboration with Torchlight Heritage, with a special new and macabre detective case especially for Friday 13th. Team up and solve it against the clock.

It is 1831 and the best of London Society has been invited to a special evening reception at Apsley House. This is a year of great upheaval and change in Britain, rumours are abound in London and there is a chance for the more unscrupulous to gain, power, money and even more...

Shortly after the guests arrive in the most lavish surroundings, a terrible discovery is made. One of the guests has been murdered! To prevent a scandal in Belgravia, all the guests must be cleared of blame and the crime solved as soon as possible. You must work in teams to interrogate the suspects, expose their secrets and solve the mystery before the news reaches the morning papers. The longer you take, the more likely the culprit will get away with murder.

Perfect for groups and individuals, this evening of mystery and intrigue with test your sleuthing abilities and powers of deduction.

Suitable for children ages 15+

Reception Drink Included

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£ 17.00
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Child, 5-17 years
£ 15.00
£ 18.00
Reception Drink included.
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